Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dismantled Shredder on 1400 Playing Strength

I must be having a flash of "chess vision" tonight, or Shredder is just generally playing weak chess, because I managed to beat Deep Shredder on 1200 Elo AND as we see here, Shredder resigned while I stomped him on 1400 Elo playing strength. This is very promising! Now, if I can manage to beat Shredder with the black pieces on 1400, then my new goal will be 1600. Just a remark, however, Shredder plays pretty weakly next to Fritz or Chessmaster when set down to lower playing strengths, comparatively. So, I haven't gotten my hopes up. I'm sure I'd still score a flat 1000 in a real tournament. Nevertheless, this is my personal best against the engine.