Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stappenmethode (or how to get free training material)

I have chosen a study method, consisting of 5 steps, which has shown great success in Europe, namely, the Stappenmethode (Step Method). See the following link for a good summary of the various levels and what can be expected:

The Step Method in Chess

The coolest thing is, that this 5-step method was implemented as a software training program, namely, the TASC Chess Tutorial 2, and this CD is being given away for free by One must only pay the shipping, and this is how I obtained my version of the software. Yet again, the price is right! $3 shipping and a program that can take you from novice to 1800 ELO? Wow! Nicht schlecht Herr Specht! Now, it's just time to put in the "blood pouring from the brain" hard work.

TASC Chess Tutorial 2 CD (free copy)